Who We Are?

Travelor is an international traveling website founded by a group of entrepreneurs that made a revolution in the world of tourism. With our social power we ensure you with the cheapest and the most affordable vacation prices you can find! Our business model is unique and based on the model of franchising. We do not employ hundreds of employees and for that reason cutting massive operating costs comparing to other companies and forwarding those savings to you, the customers. That way we are able to offer you with the cheapest vacation prices in the world.

The company specializes in the field of technology and uses the most innovative technologies to create a leading international website. Travelor engages with top brands worldwide and creates unique business connections. Our website is translated to 40 languages and addresses to the entire world. Travelor offers over 550,000 hotels worldwide plus updated info about any location or destination desired by our clients in order to help you plan your dream vacation.

Our mission

The company’s website offers travel services and instant reservation with a click of a button. You can choose to pay for your vacation at the hotel itself, or in advance on our website. Our goal is to make reservation experience more accessible, simple and cheaper by developing technologies that helps more people travel easily, enjoy and live life to the fullest. In addition, our main goal is to reduce worldwide travel prices, whether its hotels, flights, car hire, tourist attractions and other travel leisure

We believe that every person should have their dream vacation, see the world and enjoy life, in the most affordable prices possible!

Our vision

Travelor’s vision is to make a true revolution in the travel world, a revolution that will lead to a true change in vacation prices. We are positioning ourselves to be the center of the online travel industry around the world. We will continue to work hard creating a leading international website that offers the best prices in the market, and the best user experience. We will provide relevant info about every destination, attraction or service, allowing every customer in any part of the world and in any language to be able to design one of a lifetime vacation, fast, cheap and easy.

Moreover, with the help of our unique franchise model, Travelor helps thousands of its members around the world to make significant income from their homes, building their financial future and achieving true financial freedom for the rest of their lives.

Let us pamper you with your dream vacation, rich with pleasure and unforgettable memories.

We wish you the best vacation – the Travelor team.

Best Price Guaranteed – Travelor commits to offer its clients the best prices, even if a better price was found online. Subject to our terms of use Best Price Guaranteed